Care & Cleaning Of Your Reglazed Bathtub

A refinished bathtub lasts long if properly maintained. But, you must give it the same care & maintenance suggested by the leading tub makers like Kohler, American Standards & Lasco.


We cannot prevent dust from settling onto the newly refinished surface, as we are not working in a 100% dust-free environment. Sometimes dust, fluff, lint, or even small bugs (flies, butterflies, etc.) might get stuck on the freshly refinished surface.

DO NOT PICK OR TRY TO REMOVE DUST PARTICLES AS THIS MAY DAMAGE THE SURFACE. Most times the lint or fluff can disappear during the first 2-3 weeks when the tub is washed.

First 24 hours after reglazing

Do not use the sink, bathtub, or surface for 24 hours after we are done. Nothing should be placed on it, especially water.

Next 7 days

Do not lay soap, bottles, or any object on the reglazed coating.
Be sure the taps are closed tightly and are dry every evening.
Wipe down and dry the surface after use.
Clean only with water and a soft sponge.

Longterm Maintenance Washing


  • Spray cleaners, foam, liquid or non-abrasive cleaning
  • A cloth or moistened sponge and water
  • Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Clean or Lysol


  • Abrasive cleaners, as they will damage the refinishing
  • Bathmats, Stickers, & Appliques
  • Scotch Brite or Scouring pads
  • Chemical acids, Ajax or Comet 
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Bleach 
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