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Bathtub refinishing cost reglaze porcelain tub


How Much Does Refinishing Cost?

Reglazing prices vary, primarily dependent on how large the surface area and how much labor/prep is involved.   Bathtub refinishing cost are $525-$1125.  For some services additional repair charges may be required.

Cracked fiberglass or severely damaged surfaces will increase costs. Resurfacing is perfect for any hard surface like tubs, showers, floors, tile, or countertops.

Pro Tip: Ensure your contractor uses a commercial-grade coating. Our coatings are the cream of the crop in the reglazing industry! Discover their exceptional benefits below.

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Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing Prices

If you want to avoid a complete remodel, then refinishing a tub is a safe bet. A bathtub reglaze price ranges from $525 and $675 on average.

And a brand new tub bought from the home store might be the same price; but factoring in installation, old tub removal, plumbing, tile and drywall work, costs can surge up from $3,000-$10,000!

Savings Tip- once you start looking at the fancy new bath tubs, your investment may be thousands of dollars. If you want to save money, don't go shopping.

Due to the issue of a refinish vs a remodel, the affordable choice is reglazing the old porcelain tub.

Depending on the tub and shower condition, shower reglazing costs will be lower if the original is in decent shape.

Especially if all you want to do is change the color. A professional bathtub refinisher will apply a fluoro-polymer coating to last many years.

What about bathtub liners or overlays?

Bathtub liners are sometimes used in the bath renovation process. Tub liners are acrylic inserts which have been molded and installed over your bathtub. A tub liner costs about $1500 - $2500.

It's cheaper than installing a new tub, but overlays have some problems: 

  • Overlays can take up extra space
  • Surrounds don't fit well
  • Plastic eventually cracks
  • (we don't do overlays)  
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How much does shower reglaze cost?

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, shower refinishing offers a cost-effective alternative to full replacement. Achieving a refreshed look without the hefty price tag, a shower reglaze costs $675 to $925. 

Your shower enclosure may be caulked on to a bathtub, or the shower walls are made of tile and connect to a shower pan.

Different challenges will have different prices due to more fixtures, sanding and restoration.

Shower Pans

Pricing for refinishing shower pans varies. Most shower pans can be resurfaced for $475-$575. 

It may be included with the shower stall walls or resprayed by itself, and changes based on size and condition.

Tub & Shower Combos

Reglazing a fiberglass tub and shower surround costs $775 to $950. Pricing may be higher for severely damaged surfaces. Refinishing includes chip repair and fixing surface scratches, caulk removal, and recaulking.

FACT: You have seen recoated surfaces and didn't realize it

Hotels and Apartments regularly use refinishing to update and keep rooms fresh. "All new" and "recently remodeled" is usually a reglaze.

You may be questioning– Is Refinishing Worth It?

🤫 SECRET TIP: property owners have been recoating for years.

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Ceramic Tile Refinishing Estimates

Whether you have tile on your shower wall or the bathroom floor, ceramic or porcelain, it can be resurfaced. Pricing estimates from $700 to $1175 for tile refinishing. 

More floor means mo' money.

It is more affordable than replacement. Tile refinishing is long-lasting and a quick solution. Simply pick a color and an expert contractor sprays it on in a couple hours.

Make grout lines disappear ...forever

Restoring and refinishing allows you to keep your classic tile -- even your cast iron bathtub and kitchen counters -- while preventing the mess that comes with tearing it out.

And because the fluoro-polymer coating is the same color, no more sealing and no more cleaning grout lines. If you want everything a bright white, and EASY CLEANING, then reglazing is for you.

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How much is countertop refinishing costs?

Restoring solid surfaces like laminate or Formica countertops in bathrooms falls between $400 and $650, while for kitchen countertops priced from $875 to $1750. Kitchen builders can fix scratches easily.

It’s far more expensive to replace than repair– customers save about 75% over remodeling.

Simple, convenient, and a fast way to extend your work-top or vanity, resurfacing countertops is a good option. Now you can freshen up older counter tops at a discount– even bathroom vanities.

Get a new look without the need for costly and time-consuming granite or quartz.

Epoxy Coating vs Polymer Resin

Epoxy coatings cost more than relaminating, but strength, fast-install, and numerous styles make them popular if you are on a budget.

They can look like granite or marble countertops. But are less than the real thing. The costs for epoxy countertops are from $7 to $10 per sq. ft. The average kitchen is $900.

However, urethanes/fluropolymer coatings are superior. Urethanes are the toughest in the line of coatings. They resist chemicals, stains and are UV resistant, plus have a better impact rating.  

Polymer pricing is affordable– we charge $70/linear foot for polymer counters.

It is stronger and can use your counters in less than 24 hours. Polymer resins are similar to epoxy, applied nearly the same way. You will find a large range of colors that may be customized to suit your needs and tastes.

Restore and Reuse

More consumers are choosing to restore and upcycle what they already have rather than throw it away.

As grandpa says "They don't build things like they use to." And it's true.  You can't get a cast iron tub from the 1920's. By reusing and reglazing, you can keep what you already have.

Classic functional counters and subway tiles don't need to be replaced. Thanks to modern refinishing materials and techniques, it is easier to cut down on this waste and simply add new life into hard surfaced items.




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I didn’t realize it was possible to refinish a tub or shower. Matt did a tremendous job. I had a dated/stained tub and and a separate shower. Now they look amazing!

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Boise Refinishing sprayed a new glaze on the tub and tiles. Wow-wee! Wow. Amazing- it took him only a few hours, plus it was only $600!

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Great job Matt. Our customer is very happy with the results. Thank you so much!!!

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