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Boise Shower Crack Repair Meridian

Shower Repair

Shower Chip Repairs in Boise/Meridian

If you're tired of standing in the chip stained shower, consider getting it refinished. Affordable and fast, you can even change bath colors!

Dings, stains, cracks, and other tile or floor damage can be fixed with refinishing.

Fix & Resurface Your Shower Floor

Shower floor repair, also referred to as shower reglazing or resurfacing, is a fast and effective way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom and make it look new again!

shower chip repair meridian

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Shower Tile Chip Repair

We use a professional grade polyester resin to repair chips and scratches in ceramic showers, tile and walls. It's not available to consumers, plus you get a 10 year Limited Warranty.

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Fiberglass Restoration Services

Fiberglass showers can also crack. A shower chip repair kit won't help. DIY epoxy and white paint can end up breaking again.

Because you first must fix the underlying issue. It is likely the shower pan has become weakened or was not installed properly. Concrete or foam reinforcement can be added.

Plastic or acrylic repair is needed when shower pans develop cracks or a sharp or heavy item is dropped onto the floor. Porcelain and enamel showers wear with age and can also be chipped or cracked.

We are happy to serve you with our professionally trained expert.

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display pic Elizabeth P

Matt was cleancut, very honest. I knew I could trust him when he sprayed my old bathtub but told me to buy new sinks. We saved hundreds

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Matt did an amazing job on my bathtub, it was an old porcelain tub and it looks brand new. Definitely will use him again.

client 01
Linda Graham

I didn’t realize it was possible to refinish a tub or shower. Matt did a tremendous job. I had a dated/stained tub and and a separate shower. Now they look amazing!

client 02
JoBecka T

Boise Refinishing sprayed a new glaze on the tub and tiles. Wow-wee! Wow. Amazing- it took him only a few hours, plus it was only $600!

client 03
Jim M.
Nampa Idaho

Great job Matt. Our customer is very happy with the results. Thank you so much!!!

client 04
Darius Elison
Meridian, ID

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